How to Show Your Clients You Genuinely Give a Shit

For a long time, when entrepreneurs asked me for the “secret sauce” of successful marketing, I’d say there isn’t one. Because I didn’t think there was just one magic solution—but rather, a combination of many components that each entrepreneur had to mix and match based on his or her passion, business, and community.

But after working with some amazing entrepreneurs and digging into some research around marketing and emotional connection, I realized that there really is one characteristic that divides the super-successful companies from the not-so-successful companies: The brands with the best marketing genuinely care about their clients.

In Gary Vaynerchuk's TED talk “ Do What You Love, No Excuses, he nails this idea. He says “Should you listen to your users? Absolutely. But giving a shit about your users is way better. People listen, but they don’t do anything. Doing something—answering those emails, giving a crap, caring about your user base—that’s what you need to do.“

What I’ve come to see, over and over again, is this: If you see your clients and prospects as dollar signs, rather than humans looking for a solution to a problem, none of the best practices, templates, or frameworks in the world are going to make your marketing successful. Those people are going to feel like an object instead of a human, and they’re going to go somewhere else to get their problem solved.

So, in practical terms, what does giving a crap about your community really mean? I share three suggestions over on the muse

Alex Honeysett