How to Talk To Your Customers Like a Person—Not a Business

We have the easiest time telling the people close to us why our company is unique, why our work is amazing, and why more people should know about all the insanely cool things we’re doing.

But when we try to formalize that in any way—developing website copy, writing a speech, or creating a company presentation—we sometimes stop being our beautiful human selves sharing funny, heartbreaking, soulful experiences and turn into BS-filled marketing robots trying to figure out the right things to say to sell our products.

If I could fly into space with a megaphone and tell everyone on the planet one thing, it’s that being human is the right way to sell your products. I’ve talked a lot about how being authentic is the most successful marketing strategy, and research backs that up: According to an article from Marketeer, personal value has two times as much impact as business value, and 68% of buyers who see a personal value will pay a higher price for service.

In the same way that people know when other people are full of it, people know when companies are full of it, too. So let your beautifully awkward, creative, complicated self—and company—shine. Over on the muse, I share three ways how

Alex Honeysett