We Ask a Different First Question

What we Do

We partner with founders around the world to create fully customized marketing strategies.  




“Your brand is not the game of perception. It’s not what you parrot to. Your brand is what is on the inside—it’s like guts to the skin.”
— Mark Ecko


Most businesses try to compete on logic and information, with messaging that focuses on being “best of, first in, at the forefront of…" The best brands win on story.

This is where our work at Human at the Helm begins. 

We humans make decisions with the emotional part of our brains (limbic) and then back-up those decisions with information and logic. Which means if you want people to consistently choose your brand, buy your product(s) and share your message with the people they love, you have to make them feel something.

The process of asking and answering the questions that lie at the core of your business brings enormous clarity. The foundational story we create supercharges every facet of your business—from pitching investors to generating revenue. 

Together, we create:

  1. Your WHY: a clear explanation of what drives your business and the elements that differentiate it.

  2. Your STORY: a front and center story arc that makes your customer the hero of your brand story.

  3. Your ELEVATOR PITCH: a one paragraph, easy-to-repeat description of what you do and why you matter.

    ...and so much more. 



Alex chiseled away market jargon and typical sales pitch tactics and exposed the true soul of our company. We can’t say enough positive things about Alex’s deep domain expertise, professionalism, and drive to deliver impactful work.

-Richard Moluku, Founder of Inventaprint



“Content that understands its audience will be good content. Content that doesn’t, can’t be.” - Seth Godin


Think about the articles you bookmark, the LinkedIn posts you share and the few newsletters you read regularly.  Here's what they all have in common: They're culturally relevant, everyday useful and meaningful to you

Like you, the humans who make up your target audience don't want to read an endless loop of surface-level “how to” and “best of” listicles.  Instead, they value content that introduces them to new ideas, resources, perspectives, people and ways of thinking and that they can apply to their unique experiences. 

Our approach focuses on intimately understanding the people you most want to reach, exploring what you most want to be out in the world saying and then developing each piece of content with an eye towards marrying the two.

This process includes:

  1. 360-Degree Community Deep Dive: We employ several strategies to understand what's culturally relevant, everyday useful and meaningful to your people.
  2. Content Development: Top secret process. There are post-its. 
  3. Platform Identification: How are we getting each piece of content into the hands of the people we most want to see it?
  4. Editorial Calendar: To keep us organized and aligned to  your larger business initiatives and priorities. 




Alex's work is phenomenal. She delivers a combination of inspiring, engaging, and a great sense of fun with every piece of content she creates. The audience of top business magazines we pitched were captivated by her style and approach, and the content we created together was widely read and shared. It was a great experience working with her throughout this journey.

-Roger Cusa, Marketing Executive and author of Reinventing the Egg: To Win the Game is to Change It



You know and we know that our world needs thoughtful leaders now more than ever. We partner with business leaders who take their unique platform and voice as seriously as we do.


In an exceptionally noisy market, it's the loudest voices who get heard. The ones who, over and over again, across markets, platforms, communities and countries say: you really need to hear this and here's how it's going to change your life.

We partner with a handful of passionate, fired up leaders each year to help them share a story, spark a movement and/or inspire a new way of thinking on a (much bigger) scale.  


    Our thought leadership strategies are entirely customized to the business leaders we support, but always sourced from our answers to four foundational questions: 

    1. What do you want to be known for?
    2.  Who’s going to be most impacted by what you have to say?
    3. How do you innately connect and communicate with people?
    4. What are the most direct promotional avenues to connect you to them?