We Ask a Different First Question

What we Do

In an increasingly noisy world, we partner with a handful of founders each year to co-create fully customized and personalized PR and content marketing strategies.


1. Brand Storytelling


“Your brand is not the game of perception. It’s not what you parrot to. Your brand is what is on the inside—it’s like guts to the skin.”
— Mark Ecko


When you look at how our brains function, you find that we humans make decisions with the emotional part of our brains and then back up those decisions with information and logic. Which means if you want people to choose your brand, buy your product(s) and/or support your message, you have to make them feel something.

People’s most direct line to the heart and soul of your business is through your brand story. At Human at the Helm, this is where our work begins.

The process of asking and answering the questions that lie at the core of your business brings enormous clarity. The story we create serves as the foundation for all of your brand messaging—from your “About Me” page to your brand boilerplate.

Through the process of digging into the guts of your brand, you learn more about yourself, your unique leadership style and how to answer that ever elusive question “who are you and what do you do?” confidently and with ease.


Alex chiseled away market jargon and typical sales pitch tactics and exposed the true soul of our company—which was quite impactful for myself and the team. Alex fully integrated herself into our team and her shared interest in the success of our company was apparent in her actions. We can’t say enough positive things about Alex’s deep domain expertise, professionalism, and drive to deliver impactful work. Working with Alex was a great pleasure and we look forward to partnering with her in the near future.

-Richard Moluku, Founder of Inventaprint

2. PR + Thought Leadership


Our world needs thoughtful leaders now more than ever. We partner with business leaders who take their unique platform and voice as seriously as we do.


What if we told you you could land exciting PR opportunities and get a seat at the table with the people in your industry you most admire without having to shapeshift into a creepy PR robot?

With us, it is so very possible. In fact, it’s the whole reason Human at the Helm exists.

We’re passionate about working with you to create a thoughtful, built-for-YOU strategy, sourced from helping you answer these four foundational questions:

How do you innately connect and communicate with people? Who’s going to be most impacted by what you have to say and most eager to buy what you’re selling? What are the most direct promotional avenues to connect you to them? What are you going to say once you get there?

Here’s what we don’t do: PR strategies that focus on getting the most “eyeballs.” Promoting thought leaders who are motivated purely by ego. Jargon in all its forms. The phrase “low hanging fruit.”

With your personalized, BS-free strategy in place, we get to work.


Love working with Alex! She is a clear-eyed strategist and elegant thinker. Can't wait to tap her wisdom again.

-Robin Steven Payes, author and learning innovator, Edge of Yesterday

3. Content Marketing


“99% of people don’t market in the year we actually live in.”
— Gary Vaynerchuk


We know people are most helped, products are best sold and the world can be changed for the better when you use your blog, email marketing and social media platforms to add value and say real things.

Our noisy market is saturated with “how to” and “best of” listicles. Now, people are looking for brands that dive below the surface and give them thought-provoking content they can sink their teeth into.

Our approach centers on finding new opportunities to surprise and delight your people with content that’s raw, real and of value and to serve it up in ways that are welcomed and eagerly anticipated.


Alex's work is phenomenal. She delivers a combination of inspiring, engaging, and a great sense of fun with every piece of content she creates. The audience of top business magazines we pitched were captivated by her style and approach, and the content we created together was widely read and shared. It was a great experience working with her throughout this journey.

-Roger Cusa, Marketing Executive and author of Reinventing the Egg: To Win the Game is to Change It